Weiner’s Circle Chicago Style Hot Dog


There is something about Chicago and the Cubs that make me crave hot dogs.  While we were in Chicago this weekend all I could think and talk about were sport peppers. This is the reason for the picture, since once the dogs are done I am throwing those peppers on them and anyone in my way better look out.  Now if you have never has a Chicago style hot dog, believe me the sport peppers make the hot dog.  In my opinion, a hot dog without sport peppers is not a hot dog at all.  Well my hubby heard my cries and asked me if I wanted to make Chicago style hot dogs for dinner.  This was one question that did not need to be asked twice.  This post is also a shout out to all the readers from the region, especially Jessica Wright who adores the Weiner’s Circle.

Weiner’s Circle Chicago Style Hot Dog

from Food Network.com


1 all-beef, natural casing, Vienna hot dog, char-broiled to perfection
1 poppy seed bun, steamed
1 heaping teaspoon mustard
1 tablespoon green relish
Fresh chopped grilled onions
2 large pickle wedges
4 slices red-ripe plum tomatoes
A dash celery salt
Hot sport peppers


Place char broiled hot dog in bun. Top with mustard, relish, onions, pickles, sport peppers and tomatoes. Finish it off with a dash of celery salt.

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