Frozen Coke


So my days in South Bend remind me of two things, frozen pops and Lulu’s.  If any of you have been there, you can attest these might be the most exciting things in a 50 mile radius.  Now don’t get me wrong Lulu’s was my go to spot for coffee and studying, but when I wanted a quick sugar fix the 7-11 on Grape Rd. was the spot.   Then I moved to Chicago and there were so many more exciting foods and drinks that the frozen pops were not that exciting anymore.  But, then came my move to Indianapolis and much to my surprise there was a 7-11 a couple blocks away from my house!!   I could not deny the fact that I was longing for a frozen coke anymore.  But, when I went in much to my surprise there were no frozen cokes anymore, just red and blue sugary slushies.  I knew that I had to find a replacement.  Then, this weekend I went out of town with my hubby to his tournament.  While he prepared I explored and shopped knowing that I wanted an ice cream machine.  Much to my surprise, I found the exact ice cream machine I have been drooling over for only a fraction of the cost.  So I got a 2 liter of coke and knew what I wanted to make.  After twenty minutes we had the best frozen cokes I have ever had!  We cannot wait to try this with other pop.


Frozen Pop

48 oz or 4 cans of your favorite pop

Ice cream maker


Put pop in ice cream maker and churn for 20 minutes.  Place in frozen glasses and enjoy!!


***Do not use diet pop since the aspartame freezes at a much lower temperature and will ruin  your ice cream machine***

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